Replique des ONGs au Dr. Dev Sibartie, Chairman de la MSAW

Cher Dr. Sibartie,

Nous nous trouvons dans l’obligation de répondre à  certaines allégations, assertions malveillantes ainsi que des accusations mensongères parues dans le Week End daté du 13 novembre dernier, qui récusent la maltraitance démontrée à la MSAW de Vallée des Prêtres dans une vidéo mise en ligne par le Daily Mail. Continue reading “Replique des ONGs au Dr. Dev Sibartie, Chairman de la MSAW”

Dog Population Management Solutions… what works and what doesn’t

Dog lovers or not, we all want to see an end to the stray dog problem in Mauritius. We have all been shouting on all platforms that the solution is to catch the strays, sterilise as many stray and owned dogs as possible, find homes for them or release out the stray ones. However insane this might seems, releasing dogs in an area will reduce stray dog population there. At a first fleeting look it doesn’t seems to make any sense but with a little bit of digging and data, we get to understand the genius behind this concept. I have had many comments on why should dogs be sent back to the streets, why can’t they be re-home or place into a shelter? Let’s go through each ‘solutions’ to get to know about their feasibility but before you read on… for a moment… get rid of your pre-conceived ideas… Continue reading “Dog Population Management Solutions… what works and what doesn’t”

What we need to learn from India on Dog population management

We have so much to learn from India. Apart from being a land of spirituality… They have humility!! Humility to accept that they do mistakes too…

I’d like to bring some attention on how India deals with stray dog problem. India has 24 million of stray dogs.

24 million!!!!

Mauritius has only 57,000 roaming dogs, Continue reading “What we need to learn from India on Dog population management”

Animal welfare Issues – Open letter to Mr. Dayal…

Dear Mr. Dayal and Ministers of the Republic of Mauritius,

Let’s get some things clear. You do not possess Mauritius. You work for Mauritius, for us people who voted for you… in short you are just employees in a company, Mauritius Island!

Maybe your job descriptions omitted some important clauses, let’s go through them…

  • Your personal opinion on subjects regarding the whole population is NOT what matters.
  • You cannot take decisions regarding the country based on your opinion only.
  • You cannot make public statement without making sure it makes sense.
  • You have advisers and personnel at your disposal to INQUIRE, RESEARCH AND ADVISE.
  • You have to know your company history well.
  • Before taking any decisions which involve public money, you have to go through important steps like strategic planning, data collection and research, ensuring resources are present, adequate and efficient and make a follow up of their feasibility and proper implementation.
  • Decisions regarding public money are not taken overnight and based on what you believe is right.

Continue reading “Animal welfare Issues – Open letter to Mr. Dayal…”