Bats of Mauritius: Another blow to the Ecosystem and another illustration of the incompetency of this Government

Another bloody massacre of the Mauritian Flying fox

Some facts first: 
– Bat Week is an international event that is held every year during the last week of October during which the species is celebrated in all its glory. 
– Bats are essential for the proper functioning of the Mauritian fragile ecosystem.
The ecological roles of bats include pollinating and dispersing the seeds of hundreds of species of plants, hence our forests highly depend on them. 
– Right now, mother bats carry their babies when they fly out to find food. 
– The unique Mauritian flying fox is endangered and internationally recognized by the conservation and scientific community as a species that needs to be protected. 
One important response to climate change is the restoration of the ecosystem and that means forests, endemic plants, and endemic species. 

At the same time as the world turns towards the importance of preserving the Environment, at the same time as the Mauritian Government talks about the Climate Change Bill… We decide to cull one of the few remaining endemic animals of Mauritius! 


A CULLING BASED ON WHAT? No scientific evidence can back this decision! No numbers came forward to justify this culling! 

Who counted them? Where are the latest numbers and reports? How was the counting done, if it was done at all? ONCE AGAIN, THE GOVERNMENT’S OPACITY ON DECISION MAKING IS ABSOLUTELY  BLATANT. Worst of all, the boycott of experts on this matter by the authorities demonstrates that this is purely a political move. 

Has the previous culling increased fruit production? NO PROOF! 
The Minister of Environment will soon be delivering his speech on the Climate change bill… Fooling who here? 
After the catastrophic management of the Wakashio events, here comes another round! Reaching their peak of Incompetence… and Mauritius will once more shine for its incompetency.

And it is also such a shame that professionally trained and respected Police officers of the Special Mobile force are ridiculed and sent out to brutally shot vulnerable and defenseless animals, including nursing mothers with their babies who only want to eat and survive. 

Yes, farmers, planters, exporters are seriously affected by the loss of fruits but bats are not to be blamed, the incompetency of the Government is! In those 5 years of culling, if sustainable and humane solutions were implemented. if the expert’s recommendations were followed… today everyone would have found common grounds but no… The easiest way to please potential voters is to do what pleases the majority without thinking of the long-lasting consequences. 

Farmers and planters need to step up and seek solutions which work… Otherwise we will end up with the same scenario every year… and no one will find any solution!

A few years ago the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food security using public funds sought the help of professionals from the Chester Zoo organization for their expertise in Human-Wildlife conflict. (Scoop: We are not the only one in the world facing this issue) These experts came to Mauritius, did their research and investigation and provided their advice and recommendations… Outcome: Nothing!

We as a population are poorly informed on the importance of conservation and instead of trusting the science, we trust the arrogant and deceitful speeches of a few politicians with hidden agendas…

… and in the background a silent bloody and most cruel massacre is taking place… until the only time we will ever see a Flying fox will be next to a stuff dodo in a Museum.

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