What Covid-19 taught us so far…

The pandemic is terrorizing the world and taking lives at an alarming rate but along with it come lessons too. We have so much to learn from this outbreak but are we going to put our ego aside and try to overcome years of mental conditioning to reconsider our behavior and look at things from a whole new perspective? Here is what this virus taught us…

  1. Animals are not here for us to use

History showed us that the most deadly pandemics were from animal origins! The swine flu, Bird flu, SARS, mad cow disease, HIV, Ebola… All of them from animal origin. Make no mistake, if those animals were left alone, this would have never happened. Animal agriculture caused that! The confinement of thousands of animals in filthy and unnatural conditions, modifying them genetically and feeding/injecting them with chemicals caused that. I also believe in energy as the basis of everything… fear, terror, tears, death, taking away babies from their mothers, agonizing and suffering animals, is that not a recipe for something deadly?

A Billion cases of human illness and millions of deaths occur every year from zoonoses. “Some 60 per cent of emerging infectious diseases that are reported globally are zoonoses, and of the more than 30 new human pathogens detected in the past three decades, 75 per cent have originated in animals,” WCS claims.

I think by now, it is clear that animal agriculture and animal consumption is bad. Not only for the animals but for us humans too.

It is not too late though. Let’s learn now and stop exploiting animals. I am sure that this profit making animal agriculture business will now come with revolutionary ideas on how to rear animals in order to prevent such outbreak of diseases but NO guys… Let us outsmart them for once. Let’s stop this!

This lock-down for millions of people around the world is hard and frustrating but it makes us reflect on what animals feel to when they too are locked do in inhumane conditions from their birth to the moment they queue up to be slaughtered. Doesn’t it make sense that all the fear, terror and pain gave rise to such a deadly disease?

Years of activism, civil disobedience and legal battles couldn’t achieve what Covid-19 achieved in just a few weeks:

  • China shuts down the wildlife trade.
  • Bullfighting events have been cancelled in Spain.
  • Live animal markets have closed down around the world.
  • China and many other heavy meat consuming countries are urging their population to ditch meat and favor plant-based nutrition.
  • Slaughterhouses are slowing or closing down as the demand for meat declines.
  • Measures on illegal trade of animals have been intensified at borders.

2. Humans are not superior

We thought that because we possess a super brain, that made us the ultimate superior entity on the planet. WRONG! Covid-19 proved that to us… A tiny little virus put us right down on our knees… This prove how vulnerable we are as a species.

Yes, we are unique for our communication, emotional, intelligence abilities and skills but we were wrong into auto-proclaiming us as the superior and most important species. We have driven to extinction many species, polluted the planet and the oceans for our profit, created wars, displaced whole populations, deforested aches and aches of lands, dried out rivers, emptied the ocean floors… Yet a tiny virus just showed us our rightful place.

A virus that came to existence through our very own doings: Animal agriculture and meat consumption!

We are not above all species, let us once and for all understand this: We are part of them as they are part of us. We share the same rights to life and freedom. It is the same kingdom and we are all part of it. Our arrogance and sense of superiority have lead us to where we are today. Now is the time we join all the others in this circle of life.

Let’s follow Mufasa’s advice: ”Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.” We are all kings here because we have the power to make a change… A lasting one that starts on an individual level but which can eventually affect the whole world.

It is now time that we take back our rightful place in the circle of life alongside all our fellow earthlings with humility and respect.

3. Saving the world is possible

Testimonials across the world are showing us how the earth is healing without us. Skies and waters are clearer, animals are coming back, pollution has gone down… Nature is showing us her way.

Once again what activists have been fighting for, COVID-19 did it and its also a huge slap to leaders and decision makers around the world. Immediate actions can and will save the world and these actions are possible…

In this case, a virus created the motivation and the willingness but it showed us that our extremely resilient planet has the capacity to heal quickly if we give her the chance to. For once our survival was given more importance over the economic factors and the effects are amazing.

4. Human beings are extraordinary…

Amidst all the terrible news also came beautiful stories of people helping people. People going the extra mile to help, care and support others. Health care providers working with all their forces and their hearts to save those affected. People around the world have been doing random acts of kindness and just coming together with original ideas to boost up the morals of people in confinement. If we can found that amount of compassion in our hearts, we can definitely relate to the plight of other vulnerable species…


We are fighting right now but this situation will calm down. We will eventually go back to our normal routine… Scarred but healed! Are we going to take the lessons learnt and do our best to ensure that this situation does not happen again? or will be once again blindly follow the people who will come with brand-new and advanced solutions to fool us into going back to our old habits?

Up till now we have only reacted to the consequences of the pandemic, will policy makers and Governments across the globe work on the source? Factory farms are ticking bombs and the emergence of another deadly virus is lurking around.

Do we wait to be ambushed or do we act instead of reacting?

After the swine flu, Bird flu, SARS, mad cow disease… Everything was done to prevent the next outbreak but here we are… Coronavirus turning the world upside-down!

The real questions are: Are we going to learn our lessons, do something and think on our own? or let them us be led by wolves in sheep’s clothing?

Do we accept the fact that we coexist with other species? That each one of us earthlings have as much right for freedom and space… Because nature does not discriminate but humans do.

Nature will and always find a way to set things right… Ways as we see now could be disastrous for us, unless we decide to change our ways and give ourselves and our children a chance.

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