This election… Vote Climate!

Voting day is here… this year for a change, let’s not vote like a d***!

Why do we even vote for a start? We vote to give someone the chance to represent the ideals that we believe in and to bring about changes for a better tomorrow.

But what are our ideals? What does our tiny island need right now? What does the world need right now? What should be done to ensure a better world for everyone?

The world has declared and unanimously agreed on the climate emergency… We are so lacking behind in Mauritius. We are facing the greatest and quickest mass extinction of a times, the planet is degrading , temperatures are rising, causing drastic climate instability… As a tiny island, we will be the first one facing the direct consequences of those catastrophes.

The situation in Mauritius and around the world is alarming, climate change is threatening our very own existence. The future is uncertain, always has, but the legacy we are leaving to our children, is poisonous. Shouldn’t we, in our right mind, vote for change… to give our planet and our island a tiny chance?

Don’t you think that a responsible and lucid election candidate should address those issues?

I believe that right now the focus must be towards the ecology and social issues. We, as young people who care, should vote for the candidate/s or the political parties who take the pledge to address to most pertinent issue ever : SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE.

This election should be a turning point for climate action.

I believe that among the priorities for our island, there should be the following:

  • Transition to green energy
  • A ban on the use and production of single use plastic
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Protection of endemic species and reforestation
  • A stop on the proliferation of this concrete jungle
  • A stop to the destruction of natural wealth like forests, wetlands, rivers, the beaches and oceans.
  • A stop to the depletion of our ocean by big multinationals and give more opportunities to locals
  • Ban pesticides that are threatening the environment and our health
  • A strong policy on carbon emission
  • Invest in waste management and recycling
  • Invest in sustainable agriculture
  • Include the right of nature into our constitution
  • Better environmental laws – Not written around how to use our resources but how to protect them!

Urge those politicians to take actions now. Now is the time to make our voices heard! I urge you to vote for those candidates and parties who have the strongest commitments towards the climate. We need new policies in favor of our planet. We do not need more hotels, villas, smart cities or luxurious malls. We need actions and commitments to protect us from the disastrous effect of climate change. Intensive cyclones, flooding, droughts, a ruptured food/agricultural pattern… These are just a few consequences that will directly affect us all in the near future. The first to be affected will be the poor and those with limited resources.



Urge them to have climate debates and conversations. As concerned citizens, we should tell them loud and clear that we do not want any of their usual bullshit… It is our future… we get to decide.

There is a climate crisis and no one will be spared. Vote for those who are ready to address those issues.

Let’s face it, up till now we have all been voting selfishly. Let’s change that… Our world is collapsing but there is still a small window of hope. Our votes can ignite this hope..

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