World Animal day- Let’s get real!

Imagine that we are in the 1940s… around the world hundreds of thousands of Jews are being tortured and murdered in the most barbaric and inhumane ways. Jews are forcefully taken to concentration and extermination camps, killed in gas chambers and mass shootings, tortured and decapitated and experimented on. Children are being separated from their families and many who are born in concentration camps will only know fear, pain and captivity.

Now imagine that out of nowhere someone just come with the cheerful slogan: ‘HAPPY WORLD JEW DAY’! Doesn’t make sense right? 

Today is the world animal day and this is exactly my thoughts as I see people putting up posts on world animal day, posting a picture of their pets and happily saying HAPPY WORLD ANIMAL DAY!

It is just like Hitler or Rudolf Höss posting a picture of their kid on social media and telling people to take care, celebrate children and humanity! Do you see the irony? If not, you seriously need help!

No, this is not an extreme comparison and I am not out of my mind because the exact situation is happening today and like for the Holocaust, it is legal and mostly accepted. It is not extreme to put human suffering and animal suffering on the same plate because when it comes to pain, we are similar.


 During 7 years, 1938 to 1945 12 MILLION people perished in the holocaust, the same number of animals is killed every 4 hours in the US alone for food!

Today the holocaust is on our plates, in our actions and inaction and in our silence! This deep deafening silence that allows million of animals to be brutally murdered every single minute that goes by. This silence sounds very loud in my ears! So loud it actually hurts.


We have been so brainwashed and indoctrinated that we not only participate in this modern holocaust but we also celebrate it. Animals are not only our dogs and cats. Where do we draw the line between which animal is okay to care for and which one is okay to kill for food, abuse for entertainment and fashion ?

The food on our plates was once a living feeling animal! It could have been our dog there, all roasted in sauce and dressed in veggies.

These images speak for themselves and it is time to wake up from this illusion. We are so into our own self-centered world that we have auto proclaimed ourselves superior to other beings. Since when have we become the only species out of the 8.7 million others on earth who has got all the rights over life and death?

Animal agriculture is modern slavery and the modern holocaust!

Fullscreen capture 1052018 112810 PM.bmp

We all have the power to stop this. Our personal choices matter! They make a difference. Its world animal day, a very ironic day celebrated by many people across the world. We need some ethical consistency in here…

We have more similarities than differences with animals… Let us celebrate them in the most simple way. Let them live freely…

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