Too taboo to voice out?

I feel desperately helpless today. I want to shut my mind down and close my eyes to forget, but the constant sight of empty lorries with men at the back take me back to that vicious scene. The vision of terrified eyes and blood haunts me. I want to cry and shout about it but this apparently cannot be openly done because it will offend people and because this is Mauritius.

It is said that this is Mauritius, faith and religion is too prominent here and hence should not be targeted. I must not speak about it… I must silently disagree and openly be blind about it… tention la guerre raciale!!!

Do not offend people, do not tarnish their faith, whatever you believe in isn’t as important as peace!

Peace? I see only murder and violence… what Peace?


Peace starts in our homes and on our plates…

Everything here is either religious or political. So shut up! Seriously? Is religion that strong to bypass ethics, morality, values and common sense? Shouldn’t religion be the actual path to ethics, morality and values?

I live in the world, so I do understand how things work here but it bugs me every time cruelty and barbarism is normalised. Religion is taboo, it is a touchy subject here and around the world but it shouldn’t be the reason why anyone should just be quiet. I have no hidden agenda; I just want animal slavery to end. Why can’t I voice out against religious practices of torturing animals while it is okay to do the same against the food industry, against circuses, animal experimentation etc.

It hurts me to see thousands of living feeling sentient animals being shipped over oceans miles away from their hellhole homeland to another hellhole strange land to be brutally slaughtered.

It confuses me to see people using the name of a loving prophet and a religion based on peace and love to justify this massacre.

I am even more puzzled to see people who normally eat and wear other animals criticise those who are going to sacrifice another species in the name of God. Killing is killing. The slavery, the murder, the violence, the fear, the cries… There are no differences! You do it whole year round!

How do we morally justify what is happening?

Yes all holy books and religions somehow mention the notion of taking animal lives for sacrifices or food. But do they still make sense today? Are we still cavemen? Do we live in the desert?

We have evolved… Why can’t our knowledge, attitudes and practices follow too?

I want to understand…

I know one thing though; those animals need a voice because they are voiceless and helpless at the hand of their torturers. They are innocents, they are slaves. 

If I chose to ignore this injustice, I participate in this too. Choosing to close my eyes on injustice makes me as culprit as the ones performing it. I will not get into those taboo and support this fake peace, it is hypocrisy, not peace. 

Until then, I will shed a silent tear each time I see a bull on a lorry today and silently cry in my room until this particular massacre ends and the normally accepted ones continue for the rest of the year.

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