Questioning Our Personal Ethics

Yesterday the vegan community of Mauritius had a vegan meetup, which is a convivial meeting where vegans, curious omnivores and vegetarians gather around a cruelty-free lunch and have a nice time together. We saw many new faces and many more who wrote to us telling us that they really want to attend and that they have so many questions.

Veganism is about compassion and not restriction. 

More and more people today are questioning their personal ethics. We are becoming more health conscious, we care more for our planet and each one of us sees oneself as being someone who care and will never harm. But are we really the person we think we are? Are all those slaughter and abuse videos true? Are those annoying and bragging animal rights activists right? Am I really not in line with my ethics?

So it is all normal to question ourselves when we learn that our consumption habits are destroying the planet, causing tremendous harm and injustice to animals and hurting our health. Yes meat is murder, milk is murder, egg is murder, leather is murder but these are just product of consumption which we can easily refrain from consuming. The barriers are only in our heads. Yes it won’t be easy initially but no change is, it just takes some time to adapt, get to learn new things on how to go around these product and have the conviction that this is right in so many ways and that going back will only cause greater harm.

I’m often asked, hey will you always be vegan?: Yes, because this is not a diet choice, this is a philosophy of life based on justice, morality and ethics. These 3 factors: JUSTICE, MORAL, ETHICS – We all believe in them! Are we living up to them?

There are many ills and wrongs in this world, we cannot personally solve them all but I believe that we should at least strive to do the small amount of good which is possible for us to do.

  “If everyone would clean their doorsteps, the whole world would be clean” – Mother Teresa

Another very interesting and very legit question that I’m often asked; Despite being vegan, thousands of animals are still being killed, so what difference are you really making? First of all, I am at peace with myself and veganism does good to my soul. Everyday I wake up knowing that no animals suffered because of me, my hands are not marred with the blood of any innocent. Secondly, despite living in a modern world, my carbon footprint is significantly lower than an omnivore and this is does make a difference on the planet’s burden. Last, the rapid rise of veganism around the world as explained by the Guardian here in this article: The unstoppable rise in veganism, caused a drastic fall in demand for meat and diary. Milk farms were forced to close their farms and recycled themselves into nut milk production. Customer demands have led more and more companies into investing into plant-based product, countries like India banning animal-tested cosmetics, the pharmaceutical and food industry investing into research for cruelty free food and drugs. Even our small out-of-nowhere island has a variety of vegan milk, cheese and plant-based meat available. Demands create supplies… it is subtle but change is happening.

We all believe in the right to be free, we all want peace and we all preach love but our beliefs simply do not reflect our practices… and we are slowly starting to realise that. Since people have started questionning themselves, this is causing a rise of collective counsciousness in our society and this is something very difficult to stop. The effects of this can only accentuate.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” — Jane Goodall.



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