The horror on our plates – CAFOs Part 1

We think we are lucky to live in the present modern times, on a magnificent island and not at the time of the Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, Apartheid or Slavery. We think times have changed but no, only the roles have changed.

The irony of this modern age is that we are free but at the same time enslaved!

We have become freedom supporters and advocates but at the same time torturers, captors and enslavers!

What Hitler did to the Jews, we are now doing to the animals of the world!

This is not vegetarianism or veganism advocating writing; this is a reflection of how barbaric we have allowed this world to become. How selfish we humans are to close our eyes on the plight and pain of fellow living things. We have rendered life worthless, life can be snatched away without second thoughts or compassion, not even an ounce of sadness, we bring to life living things only to take their lives with so much barbarism and inhumanity.

You are what you eat! We eat cruelty, torture and fear! 

Have you ever heard of CAFO? NO?! Yet you are sustaining CAFO, CAFO is what we eat and drink everyday.

CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation.

The concentrated means thousands of animals confined in tiny spaces. 

The Feeding Operation means giving out food to the concentrated animals… and that’s it!


CAFO in short means ANIMAL FACTORY FARMING! Farms have become factories. Animals have been reduced to just mere machines of continuous production. 

From the time that they are born, none of these animals are allowed to move freely, to walk on the grass and many never even feel the warmth of the sun on their skin. 

Chicken for meat – Poultry Prisons


We have all seen (and smell) those filthy lorries transporting thousands of chickens on the Mauritian Roads. Ironically their marketing adverts show us happy cute chickens on green grass but the reality is totally different. These birds are stack onto one another in small crates to be transported from one part of the island to another.

Facts about chickens raised for food:

  • from 10-15 years, their lifespan is drastically reduced to 42 days.
  • they are the most genetically manipulated of all animals reared for food.
  • they are made to grow 65 times faster than normal chickens.
  • Chickens are fed with hormones and antibiotics to increase their growth rates and this end up in the meat.
  • Excess ammonia in filthy cages due to feces accumulation in unclean cages causes respiratory problems and eventually death.
  • broken legs and wings due to proximity are left untreated.
  • Jammed inside these crates, chickens may travel to the slaughterhouse through extreme temperatures and weather conditions without food or water.
  • Male chicks are of no use to the industry so they are grinned up as soon as they are born for hamburgers and sausages.

Cows for  milk , meat and leather – Living misery


Cows are gentle giants—curious, clever animals who understand the world they live in.  Scientists have found that they form complex relationships, much like dogs in packs and form strong emotional bonds with their calves… but hey! Did we really needed a scientific research to know that? I look into their eyes and I see awareness and understanding, I see their will to live and their desire for us to leave them alone!

Most cows living in Mauritius or around the world live a life of confinement, this means a life without exercise or stimulation. No sun, no green grass to graze and no space to walk, lie and run carelessly.

Facts about cows raised industrially:

  • Cows have a natural lifespan of 18-25 years. Beef cattle are slaughtered at 18 months of age, Dairy cows are slaughtered at 4-5 years and calves (veal) at 16-20 months of age.
  • Cows need to be pregnant to produce milk.
  • Cows are kept permanently pregnant by artificial insemination. 
  • New born calves are taken immediately away from their mother because by suckling from their mother they will reduce the milk production. 
  • Calves born of dairy cows are not allowed to drink the milk that their mother produces, ironically, that milk is for humans consumption only.
  • newborn calves that are male are not useful to the dairy industry and are considered a by-product.

Pigs for meat 


In factory farms, hundreds to thousands of pregnant pigs are kept in cages that are referred to as “gestation crates.” These crates are a cost cutting measure that keeps the pregnant pigs immobilized. They have no space to move around or even lay down. After giving birth, they are moved to slightly larger crates so that they can lie down to feed their babies. 

Facts about pigs raised industrially:

  • from 8-10 years, their lifespan is drastically reduced to 4-5 years.
  • Piglets are separated from their mothers when they are as young as 10 days old.
  • Once her piglets are gone, the pig is impregnated again artificially.
  • This cycle continues for 3-4 years before she is slaughtered for food.


Nobody wants to support cruelty, and nobody wants to believe they are contributing to it. Yet we are all part of it, knowingly or unknowingly. Gone is that time when we would hunt for an animal to feed only our family, a meat that comes from an animal grown into the wild. Gone is the time when we would milk the cow and when we would allow the calf to drink from its mother. In Mauritius there is no transparency on how things are done but with the growing number of CAFOs on industrial farms, with a complete lack of legislation on animal welfare  and husbandry, the reality here must be far worst that in countries where these factories are ‘regulated’. Besides most of our product are imported and very few meat product and milk are produced locally. 

The absurdity of this world is not that we bring into this world billions of animals just to kill them and make them go through atrocious pain but that very few of us question this ritual! 

We always have a choice! It is up to us to decide what we are putting into our bodies. 

Where has our humanity gone?

The second part of this article will be about CAFOs and its consequences on our health. Stay tune 🙂

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