Animal welfare Issues – Open letter to Mr. Dayal…

Dear Mr. Dayal and Ministers of the Republic of Mauritius,

Let’s get some things clear. You do not possess Mauritius. You work for Mauritius, for us people who voted for you… in short you are just employees in a company, Mauritius Island!

Maybe your job descriptions omitted some important clauses, let’s go through them…

  • Your personal opinion on subjects regarding the whole population is NOT what matters.
  • You cannot take decisions regarding the country based on your opinion only.
  • You cannot make public statement without making sure it makes sense.
  • You have advisers and personnel at your disposal to INQUIRE, RESEARCH AND ADVISE.
  • You have to know your company history well.
  • Before taking any decisions which involve public money, you have to go through important steps like strategic planning, data collection and research, ensuring resources are present, adequate and efficient and make a follow up of their feasibility and proper implementation.
  • Decisions regarding public money are not taken overnight and based on what you believe is right.

You see Mr. Dayal, there is one possibility that you might have missed out completely, the possibility that you might be wrong.

Do you really think that Mauritius is the only country facing problems of stray cats and dogs in the world? Do you really think we have to re-invent the wheel and find a solution?

Mauritius is a fairly young country, most of the current national and social issues we are facing today are quite normal for a developing country like ours. History taught us that most countries went through similar situations. The difference comes from political will power. We all know that without the Government determination, not much can be achieved.

So we need you!

BUT… why are we still fighting to find solutions when so many others went through the same situations, took years of research and money to provide us with solutions on a golden plate?

Things were made so easy for Mauritius!! Yet after 50 or more years we are still witnessing a boom in dog population, cruelty and barbaric acts against animals. India is doing for 24 millions of strays what we are not able to do for 50,000!!

You said: ”J’exhorte ceux qui pointent du doigt la cruauté envers les chiens errants de venir de l’avant avec des solutions”

Kind reminder: WE DID!!! 

Local NGO’s proposed their help, rejected!!

International experts  proposed their expertise, rejected!!

Since you firmly believe that you can do it all alone and without any help, here’s a tip:


But you must already know that!

I cannot teach you politics, you know that better… While you do not need politic courses, you might need humility courses.

Show us that we were right when we employed you. Let’s say it’s time for your appraisal.


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  1. Lucy Ramlochun says:


    Liked by 1 person

  2. kate beechouk says:

    Absolutely brilliant and spot on, well put together!


  3. Judy Wentzel says:

    Dear Sir
    I battle to say dear.
    With all due respect.
    I am privileged to be a resident here.
    I do not take this for granted.
    I have a regret of this…much to my husbands worry.
    He loves Mauritius.
    I love Mauritius.
    I hate the animal cruelty.
    What softens my sadness is that I feed these God given creatures food everyday.
    They cannot speak.
    Everthing on earth that has a life ..has an energy.
    Mauritius has a lit of bad energy because life is suffering.
    Where there are those that cause the suffering and those that turn away from the suffering will suffer a karma.

    So…why not make this an idyllic Island???
    Is there the posibility that you have no regard for life?
    Bring in help and get this highly possible situation remedied ASAP.
    Bring back goodness.
    Media news travels fast..
    Mauritius needs tourism to a big extent.
    Dont have a HUGE regret for not doing what is good and Humane.
    Say Yes.
    Be a Hero
    For please God/Allah. .and for the people who live on the Fabulous yet bitter Island.

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  4. Nima Ramchurn says:

    Go go girl…hats off to you


  5. Jan says:

    Brilliant !


  6. Nirvana Buramdoyal says:

    Kudos girl!! Very well done…. at least someone who tells it like it is a voix haute!!


  7. Meera says:

    Well till now he failed his appraisals!


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